National Event: Lintz, Austria, 24 August 2017

The  Multiplier Event in Austria, entitled "Social Media and Internet in everyday life / Working environment of young people", was held in Lintz, on 24 August 2017.

It was a coproduction of three different Erasmus+ projects, showing the main project results and outputs.  Jürgen Wolf (Project Inno-Appre-Net) opened the event and presented innovative, moodle-based ICT-Tools that where developed for blended-learning-classes within the Metal Construction Sector. Gabriele Einsiedler (Project Datapp) continued, introducing a learning app, focusing on data protection and safety rules. The App was created especially for young people who have just started their educational/working career. The final presentation was given by Marlies Auer (Project Digi-Job-Id). She provided special training materials for the digital job application process, including the creation of social media profiles. The multiplier event was organized and carried out as a summer school workshop. It was mostly attended by VET-teachers and trainers of Upper Austria. The audience was invited to use and test the different products, tools and materials which had been developed through the different project phases.

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National Event _Austria_Materials 1: Invitation

National Event _Austria_Materials 2: Presentation


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